Hummingbird Attracting Pre-Planned Garden

Below are 10 plants that are our recommendations to help ease selecting hummingbird nectar plants. These plants will cover a 30 square foot garden.  If we are sold out of a particular plant, we will contact you with a suitable substitute before we ship out the plants.

By selecting a Pre-Planned Garden, you will save 10% off of the regular price of each plant.

To purchase the Pre-Planned Garden select "Hummingbird Attracting Pre-Planned Garden" below, the links attached to the plants are there just to become familiar with the individual plants, do not order from the individual plant pages. Only order the Pre-Planned Garden following the link below the listed plants.

Virgins Bower

Royal Catchfly
Blue Sage
Red Buckeye
Wild Bergamot
Garden Phlox
Foxglove Beardtongue
Purple Beardtongue
Rose Verbena
Hummingvird Attracting Pre-Planned Garden
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