Monarch Butterfly Pre-Planned Garden

Help the Monarch Population!

Below are 10 plant varieties that are our recommendations for a 25 square foot garden for beginners, and to make it easier to select plants that will host Monarch Butterflies and provide nectar.  If we are sold out of a particular plant, we will contact you with a suitable substitute before we ship out the plants.

By selecting a Pre-Planned Garden, you will save 10% off of the regular price of each plant.

To purchase the Pre-Planned Garden select "Monarch Butterfly Pre-Planned Garden" below, the links attached to the plants are there to become familiar with the individual plants. Only order the Pre-Planned Garden following the link below.

This pre-planned garden will include:            
3 milkweed species (Asclepias spp.)
1 blazing star species (Liatris spp.)
1 Coneflower species (Echinacea spp.)
1 Goldenrod species (Soldiago spp.)
1 Aster species (Aster spp.)
1 Coreopsis species (Coreopsis spp.)
2 native grasses



Monarch Butterfly Pre-Planned Garden
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