Blue Lobelia (Lobelia Siphilitica)

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Stout spikes of two-lipped blue flowers bloom in September and October. May self-seed in optimum growing conditions, forming attractive colonies.
Culture: Grow in partial shade or full sun in moist soil. Occurs naturally in wet areas. Does not tolerate drought.

Native Environment: Wetland, Stream Edge
Height: 2 to 3 feet
Spread: 1 to 1.5 feet
Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial
Color: Blue
USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8
Sun Exposure: Full Sun/Medium Sun/Average Shade
Season of Interest: July - frost
Soil Moisture: Moist to Wet
Water Usage: Medium to Wet
Maintenance:  Low
Soil Description: Clay, Loam, Sand
Wildlife Benefit: Butterfly/Moth Nectar, Food/Pollinators
Animal Resistance: Deer Resistant/Rabbit Resistant
Nature Attracting: Butterfly, Hummingbird, Native Bee, Beneficial Insects, Special Value to Bumble Bees
Special Usage: Fresh Cut Flower, Rain Garden, Naturalize
Biological Control: attracts predatory or parasitoid insects that prey upon pest insects.