About Us

Smiling Sun Gardens

Native Wildflowers and Medicinal Herbs  

We are a family business that is very proud to be in our 14th year of operation.  We have a small staff comprised of a landscaper, a banker and a 9th grader/future first female president.  We live in the Ozark Mountains in the county seat of Taney County.  Our business originally started as a traditional lawn and landscape service company providing mowing, fertilization and irrigation services in the greater Springfield, MO area.  Our business vision changed with some mentoring by friends and members of the James River Basin Partnership (a local nonprofit championing our main water watershed,) and independent research of the harmful effects of irrigation in suburban and urban watersheds in our own back yard.   Our landscaping methods now emphasize native plants, organic amendments, rain gardens, permaculture practices and a unique garden aesthetic that emphasizes native plants in combating the harmful effects of urban sprawl and waste runoff while addressing a growing pollinator crisis.  We also offer consultation, design and installation/maintenance services for native planting projects.

In 2015 we added medicinal plants as our secondary focus and we began growing and sourcing all of our plants.  With this we respond to a growing interest in permaculture design, Monarch awareness and an undeniable demand for botanical pharmaceutical alternatives.  We offer a balanced approach to introduced and native medicinal plant sources alike.  We focus on specialty medicinal plants that are rarely offered for sale in nurseries that offer multiple purposes in the garden.  While our medicinal plant line offers largely introduced species, we strive to work towards a careful balance of introduced species and natives.  We try to emphasize the benefits of native plant species while working responsibly with introduced species. With balance, they can all sustain human health and resiliency and support natural and local ecosystems.  A large part of what we do is to educate our customers who purchase native and introduced medicinal plants about their virtues, the ecosystems they support, and why we need them all.

We are passionate about native plants and we grow our plants from locally sourced seed and we grow natives that are in and adjacent to our own ecoregion. Our goal is to encourage wild things in urban and suburban landscapes with respect to the greater good while supporting the ecosystems that are the backbone of our food sources.