Vegetable Starts

Inventory of our vegetables, tomatoes, herbs and medicinal herbs for sales events.

Unfortunately we cannot ship these items.  If you know you can catch us at one of the sales dates we will be setting up at, fill out the form at the bottom of the page or email us at  what you would like us to hold for you, and we will have it ready at the sale! Please be sure to leave your e-mail address and phone number please, in case we have any questions.

Check out the sales we will be attending this spring here.

Arugula 4-pack
Blue Curled Scotch Kale 4-pack

Galilee Spinach

 Swiss Chard 4-pack
Arkansas Traveller 3" pot
Amana Orange
Black Krim
Black Prince
Bonnie Best 4-pack
Chadwick Cherry 4-pack / 3" pot
Cherokee Purple 4-pack
Chocolate Pear 4-pack
Copia 3"
Dester 3" pot
German Lunch Box 3" pot
Gypsy 3" pot
Ivory Pear 4-pack / 3" pot
Kentucky Beef Steak 3" pot
Large Barred Boar 3"
Millionaire 3" pot
Missouri Pink Love Apple 4-pack
Money Maker 3" pot
Mortgage Lifter 4-pack / 3" pot
Paul Roberson 3" pot
Pink Boar 4-pack
Pink Brandywine 3" pot
Thessaloniki 3"
Genovese Basil 3" pot
Holy Basil 3" pot
Lime Basil 3" pot
Red Freddy Basil 3" pot
Siam Queen Thai Basil 3" pot
Bronze Fennel 3" pot
Broad Leaf Sage 3" pot
Common Chive 3" pot
Elephant Dill 3" pot
Garlic Chive 3" pot
Jerusalem Artichoke 3" pot
Sweet Marjoram 3" pot
Anise Hyssop 3" pot
Arnica Montana 3" pot
Ashwaghanda 3" pot
Borage 3" pot  only 8 left
Cat Mint 3" pot
Catnip 3" pot
Comfrey 3" pot
Elecampane 3" pot
Eucalyptus 3" pot only 5 left
Fevor Few 3" pot
German Chamomile 3" pot
Goji 3" pot
Horehound 3" pot
Lemon Grass 3" pot
Licorice 3" pot
Maldoyan Balm 3" pot only 14 left
Marsh Mallow 3" pot
Milk Thistle 3" pot
Motherwort 3" pot
Mullen 3" pot only 5 left
Oopsy Daisy Calendula 4-pack
Penny Royal 3" pot
Resina Calendula 3" pot
Roman Chamomile 3" pot
Rosemary 3" pot / #1 pot
Scarlet Bee Balm 3" pot
Self Heal-Prunella Vulgaris 3" pot
ShowyCalamint 3" pot
Splianthes 3" pot
Stevia 3" pot only 5 left
Sweet Annie 3" pot
Valarian 3" pot only 15 left
Wild Dagga 3" pot
Wormwood 3" pot
Yarrow 3" pot only 9 left