Compass Plant (Silphium Laciniatum)

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A tall sturdy plant with large, deeply cut basal leaves that look like huge pinoak leaves. Large, yellow sunflower-like flowers bloom in loose spikes in summer on stiff stems to 9 ft. tall. This plant adds form and texture to the landscape and is a Plants of Merit winner.
Culture: Grows easily in full sun in average soil. Tolerates drought and poor soil.

Native Environment: Prairie
Height: 48 to 84 inches
Spread: 12 to 36 inches
Color: Medium Yellow
USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 - 7
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Season of Interest: Late (July - frost)
Soil Moisture: Average
Wildlife Benefit: Food/Birds
Animal Resistance: No information available.
Nature Attracting: Songbird
Special Usage
Fresh Cut Flower