Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioicus)

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Medium to large trees with real character! Upright crown with heavy branches forms picturesque outlines. Tolerant and adaptable to a wide variety of sites, this native tree is a winner. Select male trees if seed pods are not desired. Name was given to this tree because its seed was ground as a coffee substitute for settlers to Kentucky.Native Environment: Forest.

Grows well in average loam, well drained soil in sun to medium shade. This tree is slow growing. Avoid heavy clay soils. Adapts well to urban conditions.

Leaves emerge late in spring allowing sun to reach wildflowers below. The light shade it provides is desirable-can grow a wider range of plants and good turf beneath it!

Native Americans roasted the seeds for food. Seeds are very toxic prior to roasting, and should never be eaten fresh off the tree.

Native Environment: Forest, Savanna/Woodland

Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Height: 60 - 80 feet
Spread: 40 - 55 feet
Bloom Time:  May to June
Color: Greenish-White

Fall Color: Yellow
USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Average Shade
Season of Interest: Mid (May - June), Late (July - frost), Winter (Nov - Mar)

Soil Moisture: Moderate/High
Wildlife Benefit: Cover, Nesting

Nature Attracting: Birds, Pollinators, Beneficial Insects
Special Usage: Shade Tree, Rain Garden, Dried Flower,

Special Feature: Interesting Bark, Ornamental Fruit, Ornamental Pod, Ornamental Seed Head, Host
Tolerate: Drought, Air pollution
Maintenance: Low