Partridge Pea (Cassia fasciculata)

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A showy annual legume (member of the Bean Family) with beautiful feather like leaves and simple bright yellow flowers all summer and into fall. The fruit is a small flat pod 1-2 1/2 inches long turning from green to brown when mature. Seeds are eaten by quail and many other birds. Often found in disturbed areas. Grows well on poor ground.
Native Environment: Prairie
Culture: This annual grows well on disturbed ground in full sun.
Use: Great for attracting songbirds and other bird species to an area.
Height: 24 to 40 inches
Spread: 18 to inches
Plant Type: Annuals
Color: Yellow
Fall Color: Medium Yellow
Bloom Time: June to September
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Moisture: Average
Wildlife Benefit: Food/Birds
Nature Attracting: Songbird
Tolerate: Drought, Dry Soil