Rose Mallow (Hibiscus Lasiocarpos)

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White or pink flowers with red centers grow 4 to 5 in. across. Flowers open for many weeks in mid-summer. Large fuzzy leaves and a shrub like form give this plant substantial bulk in the landscape. Plants generally break dormancy late in spring so be patient.


Native Environment: Wetland, Stream Edge
Zone: 5 to 9
USDA Map: hila6
Height: 3  to 7 feet
Spread: 2 to 3 feet
Bloom Time: July to October
Bloom Description: White or rose with magenta-crimson eye
Sun: Full sun
Water Use: Medium
Soil Moisture: Wet
Maintenance: Medium
Suggested Use: Water Plant, Rain Garden
Flower: Showy
Attracts: Butterflies, Native Bees
Tolerate: Deer, Wet Soil
Wildlife Benefit: Food for Birds, Food/Pollinators
Animal Resistance: Deer Resistant /Rabbit Resistant
Nature Attracting: Pollinators/Beneficial Insects
Special Features: Ornamental Fruits/Pods/Seed Heads
Special Usage: Rain Gardens / Dried Flower