Southern Blue Flag Iris (Iris Virginica)

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This adaptable iris has fragrant, blue violet flowers with falls crested in yellow and white. Narrow, bright green leaves often lie on the ground in late fall and winter.
Grow in full sun in moderate to wet soil.
Excellent in swales and swampy ground. Perfect along the edge of ponds.

Other common names: Virginia Iris, Great Blue Flag, Southern Blue Flag

Native Environment: Wetland / Stream Edge
Zone: 5 -9
Height: 20 to 40 inches
Spread: 18 to 24 inches
Plant Type: Herbaceous Perennials
Color: Blue /  Purple
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Season of Interest: June
Soil Moisture: Wet
Soil Conditions: Ideal plant for edges of ponds, lily pools or drainage ditches
Wildlife Benefit: Food/Pollinators
Nature Attracting: Birds
Special Usage: Rain Garden, Fresh Cut Flower, Water Plant, Naturalize
Tolerate: Deer, Wet Soil